Complete Code Teaching Program

Make Code Teaching Easier

As long as there is a classroom and internet, classes can be started immediately!


Courses, teachers, teaching platforms are fully ready for you, and by the way,  there is a Q&A mechanism for student questions within 24 hours. Let your course fully keep up with the big trends in the AI era!


The Best Platform Meets

Programming Course Needs

From course preparation, teaching, student practice to quiz assessment, airabbi has visited more than 100 middle schools to fully understand the needs of teachers, free the teachers from cumbersome matters, and better focus on student learning assistance.

AI and big data technology allow each teacher to take care dozens of students at the same time and reduce the class costs!


One browser

and no more installation

Kits & compliers are embedded in the platform, as long as you can connect to the Internet, everything is done!


Auto-checking students' code

The system judges automatically and gives hints, to reduce teachers' loading of error detection line-by-line


Evaluate the performance

in seconds

The student's learning process is fully recorded, and the data shows the student's learning status, so you can know how to assist the student.


Support Popular Languages

for Coding Education! 

The airabbi teaching system supports popular programming languages such as Python, C, C ++, and Blocky. It can support the students from elementary school to university to learn programming !


Create Your own Course

with airabbi Library!

You can create your uniqe coding program within textbooks and quizzes by the resource library provided by the airabbi.

You can also upload any lecture note or video material, to enhance a variety of customized programming courses according to the needs of students.


Monitor Codes and Respond to Students' Questions

Teachers can remotely monitor the codes, give appropriate responses, and grasp the answer status of the whole class to adjust the teaching pace in real-time. It’s not just for physical classrooms, but aslo for online courses!

Find out students who are behind schedule, take the initiative to give more teaching support, and effectively improve teaching quality and learning satisfaction

*Some features are limited to the specific program

Question Database, Course Kits, Animations, and More

airabbi continues to develop standard textbooks of different levels and topics, including programming questions and animation teaching videos, which can save you a lot of time for preparing lessons.

Just pick the appropriate material from the teaching resource library and you can immediately form a complete program curriculum!


Reinvent and Lead

the Program Education

​airabbi is committed to flip the educational scene with technology. The smart teaching platform has been adopted by more than 13,000 students and more than 50 high schools!

Class management and scoring system can effectively help front-line teachers to improve efficiency by 30%, reduce preparation time by nearly 50% !


Keep up with Your Live Streaming Services

airabbi teaching system which provides the real-time feedback and smart code judgment function will be the last thing to achieve your long-distance program teaching for the big classes!


Choose the Package

to Meet Your Needs

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Basic Plan

You can use the airabbi teaching system, import your own questions, create your own course, and start class immediately!

Different charges and discount rates according to the number of student accounts

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Business Plan

airabbi provides teacher-sponsored co-curricular services. You only need to provide the venue and enrollment. The remainings of courses, teachers and system packages can be immediately supported.


The rate varies based on the content of the course and the number of students.

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Training Program

If you are interested in program education but don't know how to get started, we provide a complete teacher training plan and can provide you with various suggestions such as sending to or starting a class according to your needs


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